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Welcome to Treat to the beat,

the website for physio and hand therapy for musicians and performing artists.

The work of professional musicians and performing artists is like high performance sports. Therefore, professional physiotherapeutical treatment backstage is no luxury but often indispensable!

We are a team of physio therapists and hand therapists, specialized in the needs of musicians and performing artists. The physio therapy practice Sanning is a certified practice for hand therapy according to the German hand therapy association (DAHTH) e.V. and the German association of hand surgery (DGH).

We treat you during your stadium, arena or club tour, on festivals, showcases, in theatres, on film sets, wherever you need our service. Whether concert, theatre or dance productions, our mobile practice is flexible and can be implemented according to your needs. From massages, physio therapy or manual therapy, lymphodrainage and the complex post-treatment of accident related disorders, we provide a wide range of services. Please also visit our practice website.

Meet you Backstage

Since we focus on being flexible and mobile it is possible to work independent of the location and still offer the best treatment available.

Treatment on Tour

musician`s therapie is about physical therapy for musicians and the specific treatment of playing related musculoskeletal disorders (PRMD). These conditions usually originate in instrument related, postural stress due to intensive and challenging involvement with the instrument.

Find us

to find us on the Festivals or Clubgigs please follow the Link.

Practice Sanning ON STAGE

Part of our work takes place not only in practice but also on the tour bus or behind the big festival stages. Musicians and musicians therapy care is another part of our services. To get an insight into our musicians therapy just watch our video trailer.


about us

As hand specialists, we treat musicians with various instrument related disorders on a regular basis.

Our practice team has a wide knowledge of such problems due to years of experience in different music genres. Just like in many other professions requiring unilateral repetitive stress, overstrain bears a major problem for professional musicians. In daily practice we work on finding solutions through targeted physiotherapeutical measures and partly by preparing special static and dynamic orthoses, tape bandages and other supports.

However, especially in the tour and festival business, everyone’s availability is needed.
Hence, being qualified to work as a „performer‘s physiotherapist“, supporting the running of tours and concerts from backstage, my highly-motivated team and I have been able to demonstrate our expertise at festivals for over ten years like: Rock am Ring-festival, Hurricane-festival, Rockpalast events, Rheinkultur-festival, Aera 4, Bizarre-festival, Terremoto, Westend-festival, Reading, Leeds and others, in addition to theatre productions, musical productions and dance productions and at movie sets.

We understand that the work of professional musicians is like high-performance sports, yet, despite the fact that physiotherapy is fully a part of sports science, it still finds little recognition in the music business. This is certainly, in part, caused by the fact that musicians on tour find it very hard to keep treatment schedules, even though the need is great. Furthermore, they have no capacity to afford waiting times and doctor‘s appointments on tour. Therefore, fast help on site is needed. We offer that help.

For confidentiality reasons, I refrain from listing my clients’ names.

about me

The physiotherapist Ansgar Sanning has conducted his own practice in Emden since 1995.
He is head of a team of specialists covering a wide range of modern treatment techniques in physio therapy.Ansgar Sanning Aside from his work in his own practice and his commitment on tours, concerts and festivals he also gives lectures for mesodermal wound healing at the University Utrecht (NL).

He was educated to be a lecturer for orthopedic medicine according to Cyriax at the Dutch Academy for Orthopedic Medicine. Additionally he teaches classes regarding the field of hand therapy.

Ansgar Sanning himself has specialized in hand therapy and has therefore become the number one contact for musicians and performing artists.